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Know them. Raise them. Be them.
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Girls Who Can Core Values

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Core Values:

*We believe in equality for all. 
*We maintain that feminism is not about one skin color, but all colors.
*We see everyone as perfect and beautiful.
*We believe in a women’s right to control her body.
*We will fight for equal pay.
*We demand to be seen as more than sexual beings and know that it is our humanly right to be safe from harm.
*We believe that it is our responsibility to raise, educate and empower young girls, so that they can grow into strong women, who can lead and guide our country.  
*We will support those in need of healing, while we too heal.
*We stand with, Black Lives Matter; and the LGBTQA 
*We understand, that if we are not all free, then none of us are.

*We believe in girls who can be anything, who can do anything, who can fight for anything.

Girls Who Can

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"The rising tide that raises all the ships around her."

Our team from left to right: Rachael, Kitty, Marissa, Lisa  Photo Credit:  copyright ijphoto

Our team from left to right: Rachael, Kitty, Marissa, Lisa

Photo Credit: copyright ijphoto

About Girls Who Can

Girls Who Can is a community of women of all ages and backgrounds, created so women like me can surround themselves with women like you to support and to empower each other using our own unique voices and stories.

We want to play a role in educating the next generation of women to trust and love themselves, to never question who they are or their worthiness.

As women, we come in all shapes and forms and it’s time to stop comparing ourselves to others and love who we are as individuals.

We’re not here to say we have all the answers, but we can provide you with nonjudgemental support, ongoing resources, and a community of like-minded women.

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Kitty Gresswell


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